Two World War II veterans coerced their only offspring to study medicine against the latter's interest in animals.  The ensuing otolaryngologist married a notary and they had two daughters whose eldest is Sofia.  

Born in the late sixties, Sofia is in her mid forties during the 2010's context of GODARD KNOWS THE TRUTH. Compared to Potter's childhood marked by recurrent incestuous sexual abuse by his aunt, Sofia's childhood was marked by other sort of recurrence. While recurrently visiting her progenitor's otolaryngology practice during her preadolescence, she felt an intuitive fascination with the human ear and its examination instruments, chiefly, the otoscope.  Visiting the practice, she befriended a child patient who eventually introduced her to The Adventures of Tintin. Those years sealed the deal with her destiny and before setting foot in the biological milestone of puberty, she desired nothing more than synthesizing her fascination for the otoscope and for venturing into bygone eras. Intentionally countering their own upbringing and being convinced that Sofia's passion was not a fleeting fever, her parents fostered her premature professional interest in archeology and eventually financed her education abroad.   

Sofia's entitled past and her explosive professional success birthed her unconquerable and complex ego.  As all her archeological ventures, the one with Potter is motivated by her antagonistic love for both altruism and ego, as if either was her spouse and the other a paramour.  She feels repulsed to be seduced by her ego's futility and unoriginality to guarantee that her reputation transcends her death. Simultaneously, she feels less repulsion to be seduced by her altruism's sentimental spiritually-uplifting effect to discover scientific truths that benefit humanity.  Her altruism's and ego's antagonism, create an inner turmoil mainly constituted of natural intermingling negative emotions such as insecurity, dependence and obsessive intrusive existential feelings.  These prior emotions are expressed in coping behavior while she struggles with Potter's virulent relation. Hence, Sofia's GODARD KNOWS THE TRUTH is about how she deals with her angst through manipulation, masochism and compulsive masturbation.