On the eve of his eleventh winter birthday celebration in a remote hotel in Antwerp, little orphan Potter was escorted to his room by his horny aunt. Legend has it that his hotel-maid aunt was not fond of diamonds and despised all Flemish Baroque paintings by Rubens. Despite her apparent bitterness, she was fond of spiking her guests' chamomile teas with date-rape-drugs before room-servicing while underneath her garments she was wearing a strap-on.  The rest is history.

After escaping northern Europe and finding refuge in its south, teenage Potter settled in Italy while recovering from a displaced coccyx, or tailbone.

Had it not been for his recent survival skill of pickpocketing, Michelangelo's Bacchus sculpture would have never rocked Potter's world. While following an unsuspecting tourist inside a museum, Potter's attention was entirely captivated once he saw Bacchus' testicles. Suffering from Macro-orchidism Syndrome, Potter felt identified with Bacchus' abnormally swollen testes. He befriended wine to emulate his new idol and developed an obsession with his creator, particularly due to the latter's anecdotes regarding fraudulence.  Potter admired how Sleeping Cupid was acquired as an authentic ancient sculpture only for a fooled cardinal to later realize it was created by Michelangelo. However, Potter failed miserably as a sculptor of the human form because as opposed to Michelangelo's colossal courage to study corpse anatomy, Potter ironically did not have the balls.

Nevertheless, he gained international recognition as a potter in a world class gallery exhibition and married Sofia's sister who became his manager. They both loathed associations with his martial-artist countryman and dropped his Belgian surname Van Damme, they settled for the pretentious mononym Potter. 

Potter's success plummeted when he separated and with a wounded ego he became a recluse who took ancient replica commissions for a now progressively bitter living. Sofia's visit was equivalent to Pandora opening that infamous box. Sofia's character, her success, her ancient amphoras, her sex toy and her trans brother released upon her the cursed contents of Potter's heart. He mutated into a transphobic, sexually traumatized, sharp-tongued, envious, alcoholic, sadistic, misanthropic, megalomaniac. Reminiscing his pickpocket days and regarding himself as a renaissance sculptor, he saw Sofia's ambition as an opportunity to match wits and demonstrate his pottery talent, especially in fraud. With Michelangelo's courage, Sofia would ultimately stare at Potter's corpse that not only resembled Bacchus but whose closed eyes also resembled those of Sleeping Cupid.